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MJS Community Projects

MJS Floorcoverings genuinely believe in giving back to the community at a number of levels.

Aside from local involvement including education and youth sporting organisations, two important charities receive benefit from our focus. Learn more about these initiatives which MJS as a company support.

If you are interested in becoming involved please talk to us today for more information.

Cambodian Children's Fund

CCF believe that with the right education and support, one child has the potential to lift an entire family out of poverty and that a generation of educated children has the power to change a whole society. Through intensive, long-term investments in children, CCF is helping students build the skills, confidence and integrity they need to become the progressive spokespeople and leaders of change in their communities.

Since 2004, CCF have been working with some of the most impoverished communities in Cambodia, centered around the former garbage dump at Steung Meanchey. Back then, our world revolved around the health and well-being of 45 children living on the garbage dump. Today there are more than 2,400 students working towards a better future for themselves and their families through CCF’s award winning education program.

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Cure Cancer Australia Foundation

Cure Cancer is dedicated entirely to research. We identify, assess and fund the research we believe has the best possible chance of finding a cure. We don’t just fund research into one type of cancer. We want all cancers cured. That’s why we’ve been front and centre in the fight against cancer for nearly 50 years, and in that time, we’ve made over 471 grants to more than 308 individual researchers.

Dementia Australia

We fund researchers across all stages of their career but maintain a particular focus on supporting Australia’s talented new and early career dementia researchers. We believe science holds the key to ending dementia, so our annual Dementia Grants Program provides funding to support innovative Australian research to:

  • Better understand the causes of dementia
  • Develop strategies to reduce dementia risk and slow the progression of the disease
  • Provide accurate and timely diagnoses
  • Improve treatment and care options for people living with dementia
  • Find a cure

Guide Dogs.

Equipping people with the skills, tools and support to live confidently.


Our mission is to assist people who are blind or have low vision gain the freedom and independence to move safely and confidently around their communities. That way, every person has the chance to fulfil their potential.


We want to see a world where everybody who needs a Guide Dog, has a Guide Dog. Our services are provided regardless of funding. If a person has government funding we will access this, but if they are ineligible we will provide our services at no cost to them, supported by philanthropy.