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  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Wear Layer: 0.3mm
  • Length: 1524mm
  • Width: 228mm

MJS Tru Plank XL Matilda

In the heart of Australia’s rugged countryside, the Matilda Way stretches over 1,800 untamed kilometres. Like this iconic route, our Matilda collection marries ancient landscapes with timeless design. Inspired by the countryside’s rich hues and textures, it echoes from the red dunes to the weathered eucalypts, embodying the legacy of the land. Each Tru Plank Matilda design immortalises this heritage. Explore the rugged beauty and bring a piece of the Matilda Way home with you today.

Nano-Silver Technology. Introducing our innovative Nano-Silver Technology, tailored to meet the unique needs of Australian homeowners who prioritise their family’s well-being. Enhanced with the added protection of Ceramic Bead, suspended within the durable PUR finish, MJS Tru Plank Matilda collection represents a new standard in vinyl plank flooring.

Healthier Living for Your Family. Tru Plank Matilda is enhanced with Nano-Silver technology, a protective barrier that actively inhibits harmful microorganisms, bacteria, viral and fungal growth, offering peace of mind in a world where health is paramount. Your children and pets can play and explore on floors that are not just beautiful but also hygienic.

MJS Tru Plank XL Matilda


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