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Floor Removal Machines

A Heavy-duty floor removal machine to take care of your floor removal is easy and fast at MJS Floorcoverings. The fast, smooth and efficient Bronco Ride-on Stripper Machine has a patented Power Glide suspension system, making it the most sought-after ride-on floor stripper available on the market today.

Cutting dust extraction shrouds and hoods, carpet clamps and push cutters represent a small portion of handheld options, while replacement blades suitable for removing carpet, vinyl, tile, hardwood and more are available at any time.

Talk with our team about dust management during the operation of your floor removal machine and be sure to apply a good dust control system to minimise airborne particles and maintain a safe working environment. Some floor removal machines come with integrated vacuum systems or can be attached to a separate vacuum.

Save time and labour costs with our specialist advice about machinery and parts for your floor removal contract. With over 50 years in the industry, we have worked side by side with flooring specialists to facilitate the best possible results.

Contact us to discuss any element of your project, including floor adhesive removers, as we continue to bring the latest trends and technology to Australia from overseas and make them locally available when and where you need them.


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