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Floor Protection

Seal your doors and protect all flooring with our range of high-quality products that guarantee the best protection and professional touch for your clients.

Door seals come ready with everything you need, including masking tape and commercial-grade zipper for easy movement in and out of your room.

Protection against water and dust for interiors, right through to thick MDF sheets to ensure protection against heavy equipment are available, inclusive of foam overlayment final coverings to protect your finished product before handover.

Prevent damage from any construction work, including scratches, stains and accidental damage from tools, while maintaining complete protection against spills and other slip hazards or debris.

With MJS Floorcoverings, you know that any investment to protect all flooring will reduce your overall costs by minimising mistakes and the need for repairs, keeping you on schedule and protecting your reputation.

Behind the scenes of flooring installation are the tools of the trade you need to make your finished product elevate a room for fun, fashion or durability. We pride ourselves on making the commitment and taking the time to source the best products available on the global market. We provide the widest range of stock in over 21 locations around Australia to make access for flooring specialists a breeze. Get in touch with our team today.


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