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Ardex A46 External Patching Compound

Code: A4620
  • Size: 20Kg
  • Max Thickness: 2mm-30mm - Bulkfill to 50mm
  • Coverage: Approximately 1.4Kg powder/mm/m2 at 2-30mm
  • Rapid setting and drying, slump-free mortar. Mixes and trowels easily. Able to be bulkfilled to 50mm with aggregate

Ardex A 46 is a rapid hardening, rapid drying, slump-free mortar for external repairs. It is ideal for repairing and resurfacing concrete stair treads and risers and concrete subfloors. Also for
filling and patching cracks in walls, ceilings, window and door frames, and can be used to form ramps from 2mm – 30mm. Mixed mortar sets after 15-20 minutes and can subjected to foot traffic after 2-3 hours at 20°C.