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Ardex A48 Rapid Set Cement Screed Mix

Code: A48
  • Size: 20Kg
  • Max Thickness: 15mm-50mm Bonded, 40mm-70mm Unbonded
  • Pre-mixed and ready to use
  • Rapid set cement screed preparation with Ardurapid fast dry technology. Designed for all types of floor coverings. Unbonded at least 35mm, and preferably 40mm thick. Maximum thickness is 70mm.
  • Heated floors normally require greater than 45mm thick. Bonded screeds it must be at least 15mm and a maximum of 50mm

Ardex A48 is a rapid set engineered screed that has been designed for all types of floor coverings and is especially effective when installing moisture sensitive coverings. The rapid cure allows floor coverings to be installed quicker than regular sand and cement or non engineered screed.