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Ardex K15 Microtec Rapid-Drying Self-Levelling Smoothing Compound

Code: K15Micro
  • Size: 20Kg
  • Max Thickness: Feather Edge to any depth
  • Coverage: 4m2 at 3mm
  • Extremely versatile and is suitable for a wide range of substrates. Ardurapid technology ready for resilient floorcoverings in 16 hours at any depth. Can be bulk filled using 2mm-5mm aggregate

Ardex K 15 Microtec ® is a special cement blend. When mixed with water, it becomes a liquid compound which when spread above 2 – 3mm produces a smooth flat surface.  Ardex K15 Microtec® hardens quickly and achieves high early strength. It will not shrink or spall, even when applied in thick layers. Formulated with high low properties, ARDEX K15MICROTEC® remains fluid even for applications requiring 3mm or less to provide a durable, flat, smooth floor finish.  Ardex K 15Microtec® is walkable after 2 hours and most floorcoverings can be installed 16 hours later at 20°C.