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Ardex WPM002 (Superflex Two Part) Undertile Membrane

Code: WPM002
  • Size: 40Kg Kit
  • Max Thickness: Total dry film thickness on floors (2 coats): 1.2mm Total dry thickness on walls (2 coats): 0.8mm
  • Spread Rate: 40Kg Kit covers approx.: Floors: 16m2 (2 coats) D.F.T - 1.2mm Walls: 24m2 (2 coats) D.F.T - 0.8mm

Ardex WPM 002 (Superflex Bathroom and Balcony Two Part) is a tough, fast drying two component waterproofing membrane specifically designed for use under tiles. The product has been uniquely formulated with synthetic microfibres to increase its strength and eliminate the need for a separate reinforcement mat. Ardex WPM 002 is based on the most advanced acrylic polymer technology, and is totally resistant to re-emulsification.