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Crain Swivel-Lock Stretcher

Code: 520
  • Features a stretch lock button for partial stretches
  • Pin depth adjustment bar allows for variable pin depth penetration for different carpet thicknesses
  • Adjust with two screws in the pin plate
  • Adjusts from 0.94m to 7m and can be lengthened by adding tubes

The Swivel-Lock Stretcher gives you the benefits of both straight and swivel heads.  The head has 60 degrees of free swivel for patterned carpet.  Depress the built-in lock pin, and you can lock the swivel in 5 convenient positions.  Lock in the straight position for square stretching or at 15 degrees for most angle stretching.  There’s even a 30 degree setting for extreme angles found in “L” shaped living/dining rooms.    Comes with lever extension tube, 3 x extension tubes, transfer tube and folding tail block.  Available in double case model only.  Weight: 26.8Kg