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Mapei Novoplan 21

Code: NO20
  • Size: 20Kg
  • Max Thickness: 1mm-10mm
  • Coverage: 1m2 at 12mm
  • Fast hardening levelling and smoothing compound used in interiors on new and existing substrates prior to the installation of carpet, vinyl or ceramics where resistance to heavy loads and traffic is required.
  • For use on concrete slabs and cement-based screeds, existing ceramic tiles, terrazzo and natural stone floors. Strong enough to withstand wheel traffic and can be applied in thicknesses up to 10mm per single coat.

Fast hardening self-levelling smoothing compound for thicknesses up to 10 mm.  Where to use:  • Smoothing in interiors of new and existing substrates, including heated screeds, to prepare them for the installation of PVC, rubber and carpet flooring.  • Smoothing existing ceramic tile, terrazzo and natural stone flooring, as long as it is solid, dry and clean.  Novoplan 21 is applied from 1 to 10 mm per coat and is suitable for wheeled traffic.