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Mapei Ultrabond Eco Contact

Code: UEC5
  • Size: 5kg
  • Spread Rate: 150-200g/m2
  • Solvent free contact adhesive for resilient and textile floor and wall coverings. Suitable for bonding covings, fillets, steps and corner pieces

Ultrabond Eco Contact is a solvent-free adhesive with very low emission of VOC (certified EMICODE EC1 Plus). It is applied using the double buttering method and is an alternative to solvent-based polychloroprenic adhesives normally used to bond skirting, fillets, corner pieces, steps, wall coverings, etc.  Particularly suitable for use in closed internal environments and in areas frequented by people (hospitals, offices, homes, etc.).  The viscosity of Ultrabond Eco Contact means that it may be applied by trowel (MAPEI N° 1 trowel or TKB A1/A2) or with a long-haired or foam roller. The film of adhesive dries very rapidly after application and, once dry, becomes transparent and slightly sticky.