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Concrete Wear Surfaces

Review our range of floor repair products designed to prepare and repair surfaces before applying your final flooring. Future-proof your investment and ensure your flooring does not fail or become more susceptible to damage over time.

Create strong bonds between your subfloor and flooring material while preventing bubbles and improving your finish to create an end result that is both stunning and resistant to damage over time.

In addition to improving durability, our bulk fill and crack floor repair materials will improve the aesthetic appeal of the finished product. Get a smooth, even surface on your flooring with a wow factor that delivers a memorable and professional finish.

View our full range of cementitious materials and floor repair products to ensure the durability and longevity of the final flooring product, while also improving its aesthetic appeal. They are your product of choice when you are looking to:

  • Provide water resistance
  • Control shrinkage
  • Improve adhesion
  • Prepare your subfloor
  • Patch or repair work
  • Level out surfaces
  • Apply a beautiful and hard-wearing finish

Our cementitious products are suitable for all applications, including indoor and outdoor settings. Some are designed to withstand sun, rain, heat, cold and even freeze/thaw conditions. Others are best suited to vertical applications, while carpet, vinyl, ceramics and wood all require their own treatments.

At MJS Floorcoverings, we offer a wide range of cementitious materials to meet any commercial or residential flooring need, regardless of size. You are guaranteed fast and easy availability from one of our 21 warehouse locations around Australia. Or, simply order online.


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